Demystifying Live Vs. Online Poker

Poker has been the pastime gaming activity for many people for many centuries. It has evolved and become more diversified as time goes by. The simplest poker game is the card game played at home with friends and can evolve into the ones played more seriously, in a casino. With the onset of the internet, its diversity has even gone a notch higher, improving the game and making it more interesting. Since we are in the information age, it is important to clarify the difference between online poker and live poker.

Live Poker

This term is simply used to describe poker played on land casinos, or a physical casino where the players gather. It can also be used to describe any game of poker played by friends at home, or any other place. There are several categories of poker games that can be played in live poker. There are also specific rules that apply in each and every poker game that need to be learnt. The most famous poker games include Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha poker, both which have different sets of rules. Basically any poker game that is played in real time will be described as live poker.

Online Poker

This term is generally used to describe the type of poker which is played online via a computer which is connected to the internet. It requires the player to be connected to the internet through a reliable service provider. On the internet, a player might decide to play against a bot, or other players who are logged in at the time. (Some people use the term live poker if playing against other players in real time.) But whichever the case, any poker game played via the internet avenue will be described as online poker.