Popular slot games

Get plugged into some of the most popular slot games by checking out our list of online games. Simply browse the following selection and see which one you want to play today.

Lord of the Rings Slots

This game comes complete with interactive backgrounds that are made from the blockbuster movie. The graphics look stunning and the game is made up of 243 pay lines with 5 reels and free spin bonuses. If you enjoy this game, you will also love The Fellowship of the Ring which is the first in a trilogy of slot games. Expect lots more moving images and graphics just like the original slots.

The Iron Man 2

This marvelous comic book hero makes an appearance as the Iron Man with a 25-line game in 5 reels. The jackpot is bigger and awarded at the end of the game. The slick graphics make this game much more exciting to play as it is filled with entertainment. In addition, this interactive bonus game allows the player to fire off a load of missiles too!

Cash Spin slots

The Cash Spin Slots are somewhat unique compared to other similar types of games. These slots were awarded first place at the Global Gaming Expo trade show around 5 years ago. Players can spin the wheel and win bonuses without clicking buttons. The sound effects of spinning the wheel are amusing and you can choose how fast or slow you wish to play this game.

Vegas Hits slots

Unlike the Cash Spin slots where you can only spin one wheel, with Vegas Hits, you can spin two. This popular game with double wheels pays higher bonuses and players don’t even have to leave the comfort of their seats in order to win bonuses, spin the wheels, or play free games.